Final Counts #ACEP12

A flurry of ED shifts is getting in the way of my next ACEP12 post.  In the mean time, here is a summary of Twitter activity and some useful links.  I have yet to sort through Thursday’s tweets; a Peds Addendum will follow.

#ACEP12 totals, from Hashtracker:

  • 3,500 Tweets from 423 contributors with a cumulative reach of 445,000 people!
  • 4.9 Million impressions!

And, in order of total tweets (parenthesis) across the entire conference:

  1. Gruntdoc (311)
  2. Movinmeat (237)
  3. Umanamd (181)
  4. Takeokun (161)
  5. Jeremyfaust (89)
  6. Nickgenes (87)
  7. Emdocbrett (81)
  8. Precordialthump (63)
  9. Docwagz (61)
  10. ems_fire_md (56)

Impressive stuff.

More to follow early this week once I get a couple of shifts out of the way.  Until then, be sure to read The Final News From #ACEP12 by EM’s Master of One-Liners,  Dr. Rick Abbott.  Also, check out:

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